Schedule of Events

Saturday June 6th (Food Demo Room)

10:30-11:30 amBrian Gangel, How To Heal Yourself
12:00-1:00 pmJane Kabarguina, Connection Between Eye Health and Forgiveness
1:00-2:00 pmBianca Johnson and Jill Stella, Raw Vegan for a Day, Food Demo
2:00-3:00 pmRay Shim, Supporting Healthy Digestion & Sugar Balance with Pure Essential Oils
3:00-4:00 pmRegg Miller, The clothes you wear can help you lose weight, keep cancer away and give you a more vibrant and healthier life
4:00-5:00 pmAlanna Alves, Raw Dessers
5:00-7:00 pmTim Van Orden, Turbo Charge Your Life

Saturday June 6th (Speakers Room)

10:30-12:00 amGarry Tibbo, What Nature Teaches Us
12:30-1:30 pmMartine Thuillard, The importance of high quality vegan protein for optimal health
2:00-3:00 pmDr.Ted Savchenko and Jane Kabarguina, Cooking with Wild Edibles (Food Demo)
3:00-4:00 amPauline Halstead, Sprouting
4:00-5:30 amDr.Ted Savchenko, Effects of Siberian Quiet Qi-Gong combine with Raw Nutrition

Saturday June 6th (Stage)

1:30-2:00 amAnthony Tilotta
3:00-4:00 amFalun Dafa Exercise Demonstration

Sunday June 7th (Food Demo Room)

1:00-2:00 pmMaree Price and Dennis Gournias, Appliances in the Raw Vegan Kitchen
2:00-3:00 pmIgor Klibanov, How to Exercise for Energy, Vitality and Health

Sunday June 7th (Speakers Room)

12:00-1:00 pmJane Kabarguina, Water and its Energy
1:00-2:00 pmMaya Eid and Nataliya Chernytska, Raw Vegan for a Day, Food Demo
2:00-3:00 pmGarry Tibbo, Let Nature be your Teacher

Sunday June 7th (Stage)

1:00-2:00 amGwen Dunlop, Violin Celtic Motives
2:00-3:00 amThe Heritage Drummers by Kurumanti Kongo & Yogini Ananda

Sunday June 7th Workshops 4:30 pm

Speaker RoomDr.Ted Savchenko, Healing Breath
Food Demo RoomTim Van Orden
TBDDe-Stress to Success: Living “Scent-sibly” with a Plant Based Lifestyle by Ray Shim
TBDRaw Movement by Yogini Ananda
TBDFour sigma foods