Workshops of Toronto Raw/Vegan Festival in June 2015

Succeeding on a Plant Based Diet by Tim Van Orden

Tim is 7 time U.S. Trail Running Champion, the 2011 U.S.A Masters Mountain Runner of the Year, 2011 U.S.A Masters Trail Runner of the Year and he finished 4th (top US finisher) in the 2011 stair climbing world championships up the Empire State Building.
  • Why Eat a Plant Based Diet
  • Overcoming Emotional Roadblocks
  • Produce vs Products
  • Daily Nutritional Needs
  • Understanding Calories
  • Understanding Carbs, Proteins and Fats
  • Understanding Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients
  • Potential Deficiencies
  • Social Strategies
The most difficult aspect of choosing any diet is that of convincing yourself that it is indeed the right choice. Change is stress, even when the change is positive. The vast majority of us blindly eat the standard diet without ever questioning it's role in our health. Meanwhile, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are on the rise and considered epidemic. Scientific journals are constantly touting the benefits of whole, raw fruits and vegetables, and yet the mention of an unprocessed, plant based diet raises fear and concern. Plant based eaters are often referred to as extremists. This belief is dangerous and counter-intuitive. In this lecture we will lay the groundwork for improved levels of health, performance and an overall more enjoyable life.

Admission: $20

De-Stress to Success: Living “Scent-sibly” with a Plant Based Lifestyle

Join Core Vitality Coach, Certified Nutritionist and Litios Light Crystals Facilitator Angela Shim in an experiential play shop to learn 7 practical steps to achieving emotional wellness with a plant based lifestyle. Angela’s mantra is “the path to awakening the heart makes sense”.

Participants will learn and apply practical techniques to uplift mood, reduce stress, stay centered and grounded, shield from negative thoughts, emotions and toxic people, release blocked emotions and deep seated trauma, and gain new perspectives to freedom and purpose.

Angela will offer an intuitive light body reading live demonstration to highlight the simplicity by which energetic interferences lodged in chakras and in energy bodies can be released via a light crystals group meditation.

Admission: $20

Raw Movement by Yogini Ananda

In this workshop I will be guiding a movement and dance exploration accompanied by live percussion, that is designed to open up the heart and soul, connecting us to the raw healing elements of Creation.
Live music by Kurumanti Kongo ->

Admission: $20

Practical methods of homepathic healing breath by Dr.Ted Savchenko

Dr.Ted Savchenko will correct any mistakes of breathing patterns and point out at the ability of humans to restore themselves through the Raw Nutrition, spiritual growth and simple change of breathing pattern.

Admission: $20

Medicinal mushrooms made easy

Come and hear the special guest from Finland, owner of Four Sigma Foods, an all-things-mushrooms company, speak about their journey from the initial idea to having their mushroom drink products sold in more than 20 countries. You will learn everything about the most important medicinal mushrooms and a lot of mind-boggling facts behind it all. The Product Manager and Chef of the company will put together several delicious samples of mushroom drinks so you will go home all ‘shroomed up and feeling good!

You will learn:

  • Importance of Medicinal Mushrooms for human health
  • Unique and fun ways to get the best bang for your buck with Mushrooms
  • Easiest methods and recipes for including mushrooms into your daily life to reap their benefits

Admission: $20